You Helped a New Family Stay Snug at Home

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vol. 38 // June 2023

This month you helped a family that was blindsided by unforeseen expenses that almost had the new family of three living on the street.

The bookseller’s family had been prepared: they had insurance, family members and friends scheduled to help, the bassinet, and the baby swing. What they weren’t prepared for was for all those plans to be abandoned when unexpected complications meant a much longer than normal hospital stay and the baby arriving early. Further issues brought a return trip to the hospital.

The good news is both mother and baby are now home recovering.

Even though this family was prepared, the impact on their finances due to the missed work, unexpected bills, and procedures not covered by insurance is immense, and made what should have been one of the happiest moments of their lives one of stress and constant worry. Receiving the electricity shut off notice was the breaking point; they called Binc.

Thanks to you, Binc’s program manager was there to take the call from this bookseller. Together they worked through bills, prioritizing the shut off notice and past due rent payment. The financial assistance was approved quickly, and the family is now back on track to enjoy their new little one with the roof securely over their head.

Confidentiality is a core component of any assistance Binc provides. Some events may have been compressed and details might be included from another story to protect the confidentiality and privacy of all those who receive assistance from Binc. Quotes may be edited for length, clarity and to help preserve confidentiality.

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