You Are Giving Peace of Mind

vol. 37 // April 2023

Thank you for giving peace of mind to a frightened bookseller facing an unexpected and terrifying medical diagnosis.

A routine exam led to tests, then a biopsy with a devastating cancer diagnosis, and soon a surgery with no guaranteed results. So far, insurance has paid only a portion of the unexpected costs and treatment has just started to get underway. The very real fear for their life mixed with the stressful worry of upcoming bills left them sleepless, emotionally fragile, and terrified.

With no extended family to offer support the bookseller didn’t know where to turn for help. They confided in a caring coworker, and that coworker told them about Binc. It’s not easy to turn to someone you’ve never met and ask for help, but last week they made that call.

And almost immediately Binc’s program manager started to help. Together they talked about the bookseller’s situation, a personalized plan was created, and help was on the way: mental health support, information on mediating medical bills and navigating doctor appointments, and an application for financial assistance.

Each week, an average of 20 calls for help are made to Binc from employees and owners of bookstores and comic shops looking for help from their safety net. We never know who will call or what help they will need. Thanks to you, Binc is here to answer every call, help them navigate their individual crisis and get them the help they need.

Confidentiality is a core component of any assistance Binc provides. Some events may have been compressed and details might be included from another story to protect the confidentiality and privacy of all those who receive assistance from Binc. Quotes may be edited for length, clarity and to help preserve confidentiality.

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