Why We Do What We Do

We recently received a note from a bookstore employee who we assisted back in 1999. It is obvious from the note that the Foundation’s help was life altering.

“I give to Binc because I truly believe in the Foundation’s mission. Retail is not typically a high paying industry and when people work in books stores, it’s because of the passion they have for it.

In 1999, I was in a bad relationship of 8 years. I packed my truck up and headed home to my parents. It took support and encouragement to go to Domestic Abuse counseling, when I thought I would be fine on my own. It was there when I realized how much emotional and mental abuse I was enduring over the years. That counseling helped me to see I was a person of worth and God’s child. It also gave me the strength to turn towards the Foundation to explain my situation and start over. I am proud to say I was a survivor as not all cases like this have this ending.

I was so overwhelmed by the Foundation’s generosity. They helped me to establish a new life in a new apartment. They even paid for the deposit and 1st month’s rent, which was all I expected really. When I found out that they would also hook up my utilities and phone, I was humbled. They further supplied me with starter items for a new apartment, such things as cleaning supplies, dishes, etc. Outside of the financial support, they gave me the understanding and caring I needed at that time. They also kept everything very confidential.”

If you, or a book store employee you know are in need of assistance for domestic abuse, medical expenses, loss of household income or natural disaster, please encourage them to contact the Foundation – info@bincfoundation.org or 866-733-9064.

If you believe, as this person does, that providing emergency assistance is important to continue, please consider a donation to Binc.


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