Why Become a Binc Sustaining Member?

It Simplifies Your Lifesustaining member

Many sustaining members do so because it is quick and easy. Sign up one time and each month your contribution will be automatically charged to your credit card or deducted from your bank account. There are no forms to find, no checks to write and nothing to remember. The same amount is deducted every month until you decide to change or stop. Like the infomercial says; “Just set it and forget it.”

You Make a Bigger Impact

Your donation will provide year-long assistance to bookstore employees in their time of greatest need. Having a steady stream of donations ensures that the Foundation can maintain an equally steady stream of support. While $5 or $10 a month won’t make a major difference in your pocketbook, it will make a HUGE impact when teamed with the donations of other like-minded donors. Sustaining Membership is all about the power of a community of donors working together and in this case it is a community of book people.

You Increase the Effectiveness of Binc

Quite simply, fundraising takes up a lot of time. Each new appeal requires a new theme, new copy, new materials and all that takes staff time away from helping booksellers. At Binc our main job is assisting booksellers through very tough financial and emotional circumstances. The more energy we spend fundraising, the less is available to devote to those who need our attention most. By having a regular stream of donations through our Sustaining Member Program, we can more easily and confidentially predict where to put our efforts and what new efforts to undertake.

You Strengthen the Book Industry

If you are reading this article, you are most likely a book lover. As a reader, you benefit from hours of enjoyment that reading brings you. You visit places you could never travel to see, experience things outside of your everyday life, get to know people from ages past or be introduced to the possibilities of the future. All these things happen between the covers of the books you buy. To keep those experiences and adventures coming, you need ready access to books and for this you need local bookstores. To maintain strong bookstores, booksellers need to know that their chosen career will not lead to financial difficulty. This is where the Binc Foundation comes in, as the “bookseller’s safety net”. It is Binc’s mission to help strengthen the book industry by assisting the bookstore employees through a variety of charitable programs. And this is where YOU come in, as a vital part of this caring community of book people. Please click here to become a Sustaining Member today.

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