Who We Have Helped

The Book Industry Charitable Foundation has been assisting booksellers affected by serious medical and disability expenses, loss of household income, disaster, and domestic violence since 1996.  By providing assistance we aim to solve emergencies before they become a life- altering crisis.  Since inception, the Foundation has assisted over 2,700 individuals and their families with a total of $5 million in assistance.

History of Granted Assistance

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2014 Financial Assistance

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2009 Financial assistance

Serious Medical and Disability

We assist booksellers with serious medical and disability expenses. Foundation assistance is available to help solve short-term financial emergencies created by serious medical expenses, such as paying the patient’s share of covered insurance expenses or assisting with the purchase of special equipment not covered by insurance.

“It is difficult for bookstores today, they fulfill an important part in local communities across the country. I believe books are so important. Binc helped our family; Debby and I have three girls and the 4 bookstores. Binc solving this medical storm kept us from losing our bookstores due to medical bills. I hope if you are in the book industry and need medical assistance you contact the Binc Foundation.” – Bookseller from California

Loss of household income

Loss of household income caused by the involuntary job loss by a bookseller’s spouse or partner, death in the household, or divorce/separation can often cause a sudden financial hardship within the household.

“This was a very stressful time with my mother’s death and then having to take additional unpaid time off I was worried about paying my rent and bills. This is where Binc stepped in and helped me. The woman who handled my case at Binc was extremely helpful, compassionate and kind. She made the process of applying very easy and followed up continually in a timely manner. I was shocked and extremely happy to find out that Binc gave me a grant. She even referred me to another organization called the Karis Group to assist me with my hospital medical bills.” – Grant recipient from California


Foundation assistance may be provided to help with immediate or longer-term needs when an applicant (bookseller) or eligible family member if the household is affected by a disaster.

“My family cannot thank Binc enough for their help, as we would be in a terrible position at this point without them. I appreciate Binc being there for me in my family’s time of need.” – Grant recipient from Minnesota.

Domestic Violence

The Foundation assists in situations involving domestic violence that have resulted in an applicant’s need to change his or her residence to ensure their safety.

“With the help from the Foundation to pay some bills, I have the stability I need to move forward. The Foundation also provided me with links to resources that would give me ongoing assistance that will get me through to the other side of this situation. I am okay. My children are okay. Thanks to help from the Foundation, we are going to have a better life. There are not enough words to thank you for your help.”  – Grant recipient from Michigan

Utility Shut-off Prevention

When a shut-off notice has been issued and the household may lose an essential utility, the Foundation understands that quick action is needed to prevent a utility shut-off.

“We were robbing Peter to pay Paul and for some time were able to exist this way. However, it hit a point where we were not able to do it any longer and were looking at our utilities being cut off and not being able to make rent. Binc helped us with both of those and provided much needed breathing space. We can use the extra time to put some things in place so that we are not in this situation hopefully again.”Grant recipient from Arizona

Matching Grant

The Foundation’s Matching Grant Program matches up to $2,000 in funds for booksellers needing help outside the usual areas of financial assistance.

There are those moments when reaching out for help can be very difficult. Recently, I found myself in just this position and was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel only because of the Binc Matching Grant program.

When my 2000 Ford Escort ZX-2 died with no hope of resurrection (no zombie jokes), I found myself in a financial situation I’ve not experienced in quite some time. I needed to come up with a down-payment that would allow me to obtain a dependable vehicle that was safe and sturdy as my commute to work is 30-minutes each day, all highway.

Harvey, the Clinton Book Shop owner suggested BINC’s matching grant program, trusting that our community would rally and step up. After only a little more than one week, we had collected the necessary $2,000 through an online “Go Fund Me” campaign with many of our friends even stopping by the shop to extend their support.  I am so happy to say, this weekend I am going car shopping. I will have a car that is dependable and safe. That is all I need. – Grant recipient from New Jersey.


The Foundation’s scholarship program is focused on making a positive impact in the lives of industry booksellers and former Borders Group associates by offering scholarships based on financial need, academic performance and community involvement.

“Your support of me over the last three years has been monumental in helping me reach my goal of someday being a doctor. I cannot express in words how truly grateful I am. It means a lot to me (and I’m sure all of the other Binc Scholars) that you believe in and support our goals.” – Binc Honor Scholarship winner attending the University of Iowa

Binc was imagined and built by booksellers and proudly continues to be their safety net.

Our main focus is providing financial assistance to booksellers in their time of need. The grants we offer are made possible through the efforts of our generous donors, and volunteers. For information about how you can help support booksellers please visit How You Can Help.  If you are a bookseller or former Borders employee who would like to find out more information about grants, please visit the Request Assistance section.