Who We Help

The Book Industry Charitable Foundation provides financial assistance to booksellers in the United States who are experiencing a personal financial emergency. These booksellers are regular full-time or part-time employees, employed for a minimum of 90 days, at a bricks-and-mortar bookstore.

2016 assistance states

The typical areas of assistance offered to industry booksellers are:
• Disaster
• Domestic Violence
• Funeral Expenses
• Homelessness Prevention
• Loss of Household income, due to:
– Death in the Household
– Disability
– Divorce/Separation
– Job Loss of Partner or Spouse
– Emergency Child or Elder Care
• Serious Medical Expenses
• Utility Shut-off Prevention

A bookseller can receive one charitable financial assistance grant in a 12-month period and no more than three grants in a rolling five-year period.

Binc Assists A Bookseller Facing a Personal Financial Crisis

Find out more about Clarey’s story.

With your generous support, the Binc Foundation is able to help veteran booksellers like Clarey Rudd, a career independent bookseller in Ventura, CA. Clarey experienced a serious medical emergency, requiring immediate surgery and was overwhelmed by the resulting medical bills. The Binc Foundation was able to help Clarey and his family by working to eliminate 100% of his medical debt.

Clarey Rudd

Photo used with permission of the Ventura County Star.