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Book Industry Charitable Foundation

Binc is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to assisting booksellers in need. The Binc Foundation grew out of a wish of bookstore employees to establish a fund to help their colleagues experiencing unexpected financial crises. Binc is dedicated to assisting bookstore and comic store employees across the United States in their greatest time of need.

Binc’s Mission

The Book Industry Charitable Foundation’s mission is to strengthen the bookselling and comic retailing communities through charitable programs that support employees, owners, and their families. The Foundation was imagined and built by booksellers and proudly continues to be their safety net.  It is our vision to be a caring community of book and comic people.


Pamela French

Executive Director

Kathy Bartson

Director of Development

Kit Mundus Steinaway

Programs Manager

Kate Weiss

Programs Manager

Mary Baker

Office Coordinator

Judey Kalchik

Communication & Project Manager

Your 2021 Binc Foundation Board of Directors

Pictured: Eileen Dengler, Chuck Robinson, Christie Roehl, Annie Philbrick
Kuo-Yu Liang, Chris Morrow, Sarah Bagby, Matthew Gildea
Ken White, Rockelle Henderson, Julia Cowlishaw, and Calvin Crosby.

Matthew Gildea

Board President
Arcadia Publishing
North Carolina

Annie Philbrick

Vice President
Bank Square Books
Savoy Bookshop & Café

Christie Roehl

Duluth Trading Company

Julia Cowlishaw

Vroman’s Bookstore

Sarah Bagby

Board Member
Watermark Books & Café

Calvin Crosby

Board Member
California Independent Booksellers Alliance

Eileen Dengler

Board Member
New Atlantic Independent Booksellers Association
New York

Rockelle Henderson

Board Member
Rock Inked, Inc.
South Carolina

Kuo-Yu Liang

Board Member
Ku Worldwide Consultancy

Chris Morrow

Board Member
Northshire Bookstore

Chuck Robinson

Board Member
Chuck Robinson Associates

Ken White

Board Member
Query Books

Foundation Financials

We understand and value the importance of transparency. That is why we strive to maintain the highest levels of transparency every year and are proud to be designated as a GuideStar Platinum Seal organization for our commitment to financial transparency.

Donors & Supporters

Binc cannot help book and comic people without your help. Binc is the conduit. We steward your funds and provide them to those who need them most. We are grateful to be trusted with this job of supporting the important work of book and comic sellers.

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