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We hear many comments about what makes Binc special to booksellers. Here are a few of the comments we have gotten from grant recipients and from donors.

Grant recipients write:


“Astronomical medical bills took everything we had . . .We did everything we could to help ourselves, but after a time we simply couldn’t do it . . . Every single penny in savings and there was no end in sight . . . Binc was there when we needed it. I want to be there so that Binc can show the same compassion to others in need.”

Medical expense grant recipient

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“I was unable to work for over a week following surgery. I applied to Binc and within two days of receiving my application they informed me that they would be covering my lost wages. The book industry is not the most lucrative place to work, but organizations like Binc make it possible for independent booksellers to thrive.”

Sarah Englemann, Common Good Books

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“For too many, it is never easy to reach out for assistance when circumstances just don’t turn out the way you anticipated. Pride, shame, fear, all of these responses come to mind. When I was left with no choice but to reach out to Binc to help me with my electric bill, I did so with a heavy heart. Binc walked me through the process with compassion and professionalism.”

                   Utility shut-off prevention grant recipient


“Binc was a lifesaver to my family when my husband was out of work due to an injury. As a bookstore owner myself, we rely on his salary to make ends meet. I am so appreciative of the financial help and peace of mind that Binc provided.”

Loss of household income grant recipient


“We are so grateful for the help we received, what tremendous work you all are doing to help others. Bookstore have had some unique challenges these last number of years. You are a real blessing in being supportive during the difficult times. It leaves me speechless, how much you helped us.”

Clarey Rudd, Bank of Books

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Some words from our donors:


“By donating to Binc it is our way of thanking this organization for the assistance they gave to us and our booksellers after being flooded by Tropical Storm Sandy and having to close for three weeks of repair.  Binc has also generously awarded a scholarship to one of our booksellers so she could pursue her love of graphic design and better serve bookstores in the future. “

                                                                   Annie Philbrick, Owner, Bank Square Books


“The most important reason I donate to Binc is because I hold the book trade in high regard.  Booksellers should be considered one of our most important professions.  Unfortunately, they are paid close to minimum wage, despite the fact that they are usually highly educated.  Due to the nature of the book business, bookstore owners are also living on the edge and pay their employees what they can.  While both the owners and sellers do the job because they love it and accept the lower compensation, they have very little financial cushion when unexpected events turn their lives upside down.  In these cases Binc can make a huge difference in their lives.”

David Althoen, Binc board member and donor


“My monthly donation to Binc matters because booksellers matter.”

Ken White, formerly Books, Inc.


“If you’re like me, a bookseller for life, Binc is the charity where you want to give more than you ever have on hand when the fundraising letter or email shows up.  And there’s a very simple way to do so–a sustaining membership.  Think of it this way: you could give the, say, $50 you can spare once a year, or you could do $10 a month as a sustaining member.  Not only does the $10 get you a gift of $120 instead of $50, it’s a lot less of a hit on your pocketbook than a one-time gift.  Believe me, the $10 a month is a sum you’ll never miss, but for the person in need of Binc assistance, it’s a game changer.”

Matthew Gildea, Joseph-Beth Booksellers


“Booksellers are some of the most caring people I know. They care about words, ideas, independence, and finding the perfect book for each customer. Being a sustaining donor to Binc is my small way of returning some of that care.”

Lori Tucker-Sullivan, Independent Booksellers Consortium


“I have spent over 30 years in the ranks of professional booksellers.  I love this business and many of the people who have chosen this as their life’s work. As it is in the world these days, nobility and importance of our work is not usually accompanied by financial bounty.  It doesn’t take much for some of us to slip off the edge of solvency.  I support Binc because of the invaluable work they do to save our families from financial catastrophe.  There is no other organization with a mission to help booksellers get back on their feet, and it is important that we as booksellers support Binc in any and every way that we can.”

Deb Leonard, Executive Director, GLIBA


“Let’s make sure Binc is there whenever it’s needed. I enjoin booksellers, publishers, authors and readers to take a moment to become a sustaining donor to Binc. I want to support noble booksellers who face challenges and need help. We all need help sometimes – and we are all in a position to give help sometimes. So let’s do it.” 

Wanda Jewell, Executive Director, SIBA

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