Thanks to You, Binc Can Provide Critical, Timely Assistance

vol. 28 // July 2022

It took over two years to arrange this bookseller’s surgery. The date was confirmed, their schedule at the store covered, a collection of friends ready to help during recovery, their monthly bills pre-paid thanks to careful saving. The last thing to do was to call and double check their arrival time and check-in.

That’s when it all fell apart.

48 hours before their surgery this bookseller found out they had to pay their entire deductible of several thousand dollars  to the hospital, or the surgery would be canceled.* They ended the call and sat in silent panic, afraid of more months in pain, frantically trying to figure out what to do next. A co-worker suggested an emergency fundraiser and that they call Binc to see if there was help available.

Over the past several months many variations of this scenario have been shared with Binc’s Program Managers. The good news is, because of your ongoing support, Binc’s program managers could say that ‘help is on the way’ and offer several options that allowed the surgery to proceed, even at such short notice.

Thank you for your support! It will ensure that needed medical attention is given as more and more patients receive such surprising financial news, even after careful advance planning to cover out of pocket expenses.

*It’s estimated that 75% of hospitals now ask their patients, even those with insurance, to pay a portion or even all of their deductible and out-of-pocket costs before some medical services are provided. Often these requirements are shared only within days of long-anticipated surgeries and procedures.

Confidentiality is a core component of any assistance Binc provides. Some events may have been compressed and details might be included from another story to protect the confidentiality and privacy of all those who receive assistance from Binc.

“Binc has been an absolute lifesaver when I’ve needed it most. I’m beyond grateful to have had their help and I’m so grateful to everyone who donates to make this kind of generous aid available.”

A Bookseller You Helped

Quotes may be edited for length, clarity and to help preserve confidentiality.

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