Thank you to Literati and their customers


Dear Literati Customers,

When you shopped at Literati on Sunday, March 31, you may have thought you were celebrating this wonderful store’s first anniversary, or maybe you were just picking up a book you were looking forward to reading. Truth be known, you were doing much, much more. Because of Literati’s generous offer, half of your purchase was donated to the Book Industry Charitable (Binc) Foundation. The purchase you made will directly affect the life of a dedicated bookseller working in one of the country’s independent bookstores.

Your purchase may help a bookseller facing eviction, be able to remain in their home. Or perhaps you will assist a bookseller facing a mountain of medical bills following surgery. A bookseller and their family can avoid having their utilities shut off because of your purchase. That book you bought may even help another independent bookstore keep their doors open.

Since 1996, the Binc Foundation, has been helping booksellers navigate unexpected personal financial hardships . As a customer of Literati, you appreciate the importance of an independent bookstore to your community, and so do we. That is why we will continue to help the employees of these bookstores do what they do best – connect you with that new book you are sure to enjoy.

One recent grant recipient wrote “Binc’s mission is to keep us in business, even when we’re hit with life’s unexpected circumstances. I hope that booksellers everywhere are aware of the amazing and necessary things Binc is doing to keep us and our industry thriving!”

The Binc Foundation would like to thank Literati and their customers for raising an amazing $2600 to help strengthen the bookselling community. Through the generosity of book people, from authors to customers, we will do our best to help keep these wonderful indie bookstores in our communities.

Pam, Kit and Penny
Binc Foundation staff

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