Bookstore Crisis has a Fairytale Ending

Read this great story from the Ventura County Star about how Binc was able to help a bookseller in California.  We are thrilled to have been able to help!

Clarey Rudd

Clarey Rudd, a longtime independent bookseller in Ventura, received a gift of more than $100,000* to pay his debt after surgery. He was uninsured when he underwent surgery for cancer. Photo credit Joseph A. GarciaVentura County Star

This is a story of a family given something amazing they never sought from a donor they had no idea was out there.

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Financial Emergencies Needn’t Be Tragic

Financial emergencies needn't be tragicPhoto credit NoHoDamon via photopin cc

Household finances are often a balancing act even in the best of times. When an unexpected event causes a loss of household income, a family can be knocked into a downward spiral that seems to have no end. At the Binc Foundation we hear of these circumstances on a regular basis. Here are the stories of several of the families we have helped this year.

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The Rescue

We recently received an amazing thank you poem from Teresa Barbre, one of our Scholarship winners.

Thank you note

 Congratulations, Teresa! We are so happy to help!

Spread the Word – Be a Binc Ambassador

When traveling the country and visiting bookstores, the words we still hear too often are “I have never heard of Binc.” After we explain about the Foundation and the services we offer, the look of amazement is a joy to behold. We want all booksellers to know that they have a safety net in times of personal crisis. Our goal is to have Binc Foundation information in every bookstore in the country, have their staff become familiar with the Foundation services and know how to take advantage of them.

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The Amazing 2013 Binc Scholars

ScholarshipThe 2013 Binc Scholarship winners are an impressive group of students. Not only are their academic records top-notch, but they are active, community minded and in many cases working students. These winners were chosen from a pool of more than 200 applicants, the steepest competition in a number of years. Some are just beginning their college life, many are continuing their academic careers and others are beginning a second phase of life by returning to school. They all share two characteristics; they are the brightest and best!

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The Key to Surviving a Disaster – Be Prepared

This year has proven that no matter where you reside in the United States, you are not immune to disasters. Whether your community is prone to hurricanes, floods, fires, or winter storms some planning will go a long way to being prepared. The time to think about a potential natural disaster is not when they are imminent, but beforehand, when there is still time to work out a plan.

The Red Cross has put together a great Emergency Preparedness Playbook to get your business ready for anything Mother Nature may throw at you. Your home plan is also covered by the Red Cross. The Institute for Business & Home Safety also puts out a thorough planning booklet. These are valuable tools to use when getting your disaster plan in place.

MI-Disaster Preparedness Team -Emergency-Checklist-Web-LG

The Most Important Tools for your Business Post-Disaster

At a recent NEIBA round table discussion we reviewed the most critical preparation items, including:

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Binc Assists with Utility Shut-off Prevention

“Binc’s help literally stopped a disconnect in progress. No cooking gas, no hot water, no heat on cold nights – it would have been a huge problem. I’m still blown away at how quickly my request for gas bill disconnect was paid.” That is what a Chicago bookseller had to say about the Foundation’s help with keeping her utilities connected. Binc understands that to prevent a utility shut-off quick action is needed, and for that reason, we strive to review bookseller requests expediently.

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Chance Encounter

A few weeks ago, I unexpectedly became a patient in the cardiac unit of an area hospital. After I’d been there a couple of days, there was a knock at my door and two teenagers came in. They asked if I wanted a book or magazine or newspaper to read. I thanked them and held up my iPad and said that I was good for now. They promised to come back the next day. And so they did.

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