Binc Provides Professional Scholarships to Booksellers

profdev_treeAs part of Binc’s commitment to strengthening the book industry, this year the Foundation offered Professional Scholarships to all eight of the regional IBAs to help encourage booksellers to attend the regional Discovery Shows and other educational events. Each IBA chose how the funds were to be distributed in the method that best served their membership. We at Binc, were very impressed with the thoughtful ways they chose to distribute the funds. The variety of scholarship criteria emphasizes the unique personalities of each IBA.

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Life Lessons from Binc Scholars


PossibleAs the fall and a new school year approach, we would like to take this opportunity to share some words of wisdom from our latest Binc scholarship winners. Each spring, after the Binc Scholarship Program ends and the awards have been announced, we at Binc have the distinct pleasure of receiving a pile of wonderful thank-you notes. We hear from high school seniors anxiously awaiting the start of their traditional college careers as well as from established booksellers juggling work, family along with their studies. Many of this year’s Binc scholars are well along in attaining their undergraduate or graduate degrees, while others are just beginning and a few have yet to decide the direction their studies will take. Whether they are freshmen or grad students, traditional or non-traditional students, from Vermont or California, they all have stories to tell and lessons to teach us. Here is some of what we have learned from the 2014-2015 class of Binc Scholars.

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Binc Foundation 2014 Scholarship Winners Announced

Scholarship 2014

“The Binc scholarship will surely allow me to focus more diligently on my studies. But further, the honor compels me to carry on the altruism of the Binc Foundation in my career as an information professional. Years from now, I hope to trace my success back to this incredible award.”

– Christina from Bookbug in Kalamazoo


The Book Industry Charitable Foundation is pleased to announce the winners of the 2014 Binc Scholarships. The program awarded two scholarships at the $10,000 level and 51 scholarships at the $3,500 level, together totaling $198,500 to eligible current bookstore employees/owners and their dependents as well as former Borders Group employees and their dependents. The scholars are a mix of traditional and non-traditional students at both undergraduate and graduate levels. This group of students will be studying subjects as diverse as veterinary technology, financial planning, publishing and graphic design. 34 bookstores in 26 states, from Vermont to California, can claim a Binc Scholar.

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Scholarship thank you

Thank you to everyone that applied for a Binc Scholarship!

Winners will be announced in May 2014. Good luck!

Scholarship Program Deadline Extended to March 3, 2014

As you may know, the Binc Scholarship application website was down over the weekend. We are pleased to report that the site is back up and running, but we realize that this outage interfered with many candidates’ ability to submit their application. Therefore, we have worked with Scholarship America to extend the application deadline to Monday, March 3, 2014 to make up for lost time over the past weekend. We apologize for any inconvenience.

For those that previously started an application on the Scholarship America site, your sign-in information will remain the same and any information you previously entered will remain in the application, you won’t have to start from the beginning.

If you have questions, please contact the Binc Foundation – or Scholarship America at or by phone: 1-507-931-1682.

Thank you for your patience!

5 Reasons You Should Apply for a Binc Scholarship

5 reasons to apply

The Book Industry Charitable Foundation’s 2014 Scholarship Program is open until February 28, 2014. The program will offer two scholarships at the $10,000 level and up to 51 scholarships at the $3,500 level, together totaling $198,500. Current bookstore employees/owners and their dependents as well as former Borders Group employees and their dependents are eligible to apply. To find out more about the program visit our Scholarship page.

If you are still not sure if you should apply for a Binc scholarship, here are 5 reasons you shouldn’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity.

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Binc Scholarships Change Lives

“Now I can quit sweating about my current financial situation and focus harder on the studies in a field I love.”
– 2013 Binc Scholarship winner and future author


Scholarship picture

For more than a dozen years Binc scholarships have been encouraging booksellers and their dependents to reach for the stars. Binc has assisted nearly 500 students to become doctors, lawyers, teachers, writers and business owners. Beginning January 13, 2014, applications will be accepted for the 2014-2015 academic year. Don’t miss out on a chance to win a $10,000 or $3,500 scholarship.

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