Why Become a Binc Sustaining Member?

It Simplifies Your Lifesustaining member

Many sustaining members do so because it is quick and easy. Sign up one time and each month your contribution will be automatically charged to your credit card or deducted from your bank account. There are no forms to find, no checks to write and nothing to remember. The same amount is deducted every month until you decide to change or stop. Like the infomercial says; “Just set it and forget it.”

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Thank you to Literati and their customers


Dear Literati Customers,

When you shopped at Literati on Sunday, March 31, you may have thought you were celebrating this wonderful store’s first anniversary, or maybe you were just picking up a book you were looking forward to reading. Truth be known, you were doing much, much more. Because of Literati’s generous offer, half of your purchase was donated to the Book Industry Charitable (Binc) Foundation. The purchase you made will directly affect the life of a dedicated bookseller working in one of the country’s independent bookstores.

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Binc Foundation Assistance Rises Dramatically

Foundation Assistance Rises Dramatically

Last year at this time, the Binc Foundation had received and approved two financial assistance grants, both were related to medical expenses. This year, with industry support, Binc has seen a steady increase in requests, receiving 17 requests during the same period. And this year’s requests have been for a wider variety of qualifying events including utility shut-off prevention, loss of household income, homelessness prevention, as well as serious medical expenses. These requests, which average $1,900 are coming from booksellers across the country, working both for independent bookstores and bookstore chains.

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In Memoriam: Mary Fitzgerald

Mary FitzMary Fitz volunteering with Jeanne Joesten at the Zombie Apocalypse Fundraiser

The Binc Foundation, Borders Alumni family and the book industry at large lost a good friend recently with the passing of Mary Fitzgerald. Mary spent the majority of her adult life immersed in the book industry. Working for B. Dalton and Barnes & Noble then moving to Waldenbooks and later to Borders, she helped make bookselling (and book buying) a great experience for all. Mary traveled the world setting up stores and in the process developed a love of travel and meeting new people. Although her professional career recently took her from books to building materials (working for Lowe’s), Mary never left the book industry behind. She surrounded herself with books and the people who loved them.

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Binc Grant Recipients Pay it Forward

Pay it forward

The amount of each financial assistance grant from Binc is calculated after conversations between applicants and Binc staff members. Each applicant must have experienced an unexpected personal financial hardship to qualify for assistance, and the scope of the hardships vary with each case. The amount of each grant is designed to bring that particular bookseller back to the state of financial equilibrium that they enjoyed before the crisis arose. The Foundation’s goal is to help booksellers and their families quickly get back on their feet instead of facing a long-term financial hardship.

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Visiting Bookstores? Help Spread the Word

Visiting bookstores

Are you a sales rep for a publisher, sidelines provider, author, or someone who regularly visits bookstores? If you are then, you can help Binc spread the word to booksellers about the assistance available to them. We know that the more times a bookseller hears about Binc, the more apt they are to take advantage of our services. The value of having our message reinforced by publishers, industry representatives and authors is priceless.

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Binc Thanks Former Board Members

Thank you Binc BoardAs the year draws to an end, it is time to say good-bye to Board members who have completed their terms of office. Not only have these individuals given many hours of their time and readily shared their expertise with Binc, but they have all become very good friends along the way. These dedicated volunteers were with us through the transition from Borders Group Foundation to the Book Industry Charitable Foundation and were instrumental in all the myriad of decisions that entailed. It is not an exaggeration to say that we would not be where we are today without their hard work.

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