Binc Assistance Doesn’t End When the Check is Signed

Signed check

Financial assistance from Binc is designed to be a one-time, short-term boost to get a bookseller through an immediate crisis. Rather than providing on-going, long-term financial support, Binc financial assistance is meant to get the bookseller onto a firm footing and allow them to address the bigger problems facing their household. Having that as the goal, we realize that the underlying problem which causes a hardship is often larger than our assistance can cure.  For that reason, Binc’s help doesn’t stop when our check is mailed. When a bookseller comes to Binc for assistance our immediate concern is to help to get the household stabilized. Only after a bookseller and their family is out from under the immediate danger of losing their home or having the utilities shut off, are they able to focus on longer term changes that need to take place within the household. Getting each applicant back to a place of financial equilibrium is our goal for each individual case.

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Booksellers Want to Help

Clearly the booksellers who responded to the Marketing Survey want the Foundation to continue and they want to do their part to help Binc thrive. Providing booksellers with simple ways to connect with Binc was a recurring theme. Here are a few suggestions, just click on one to get started.

We know that the best way to engage booksellers in Binc’s mission is with stories of actual cases, putting a human face on the Foundation. To this end we thank grant recipients like Clarey Rudd and Sarah Eschelman for sharing their stories with other booksellers. Leaving a review of Binc on GuideStar is also a great way to connect real people to the assistance Binc provides. If you have a story or a comment, please share it on our GuideStar page.

THE most important service you can perform to further the reach of Binc is to tell every bookseller you know about the Foundation. The majority of our grant applications come to us because a friend or colleague has made a referral.

Binc Expands Financial Assistance Program


In an effort to reach a greater number of booksellers struggling with financial difficulties, the Binc Foundation has expanded their Financial Assistance Program to include two new categories. Now, booksellers in need of help to stave off eviction or prevent homelessness may be considered for a financial assistance grant. In addition, a bookseller struggling with the funeral expenses for an immediate family member, may also apply to the Foundation for a grant. In a recent survey booksellers provided input as to what types of assistance would be helpful and these two categories ranked high.  With these two new qualifying events, Binc hopes to make a meaningful difference in the lives of an ever increasing number of bookstore employees.

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Thank you to Literati and their customers


Dear Literati Customers,

When you shopped at Literati on Sunday, March 31, you may have thought you were celebrating this wonderful store’s first anniversary, or maybe you were just picking up a book you were looking forward to reading. Truth be known, you were doing much, much more. Because of Literati’s generous offer, half of your purchase was donated to the Book Industry Charitable (Binc) Foundation. The purchase you made will directly affect the life of a dedicated bookseller working in one of the country’s independent bookstores.

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Taking Binc’s Marketing Survey Pays Off

Marketing survey pays offCA2M via photopin cc

Binc would like to thank the 369 booksellers and book lovers who took the time to complete our recent marketing survey. This survey was vital in the Foundation’s effort to get the pulse of the book industry, the very important direct feedback from those working on the front lines of bookselling. From the survey Binc hopes to learn what booksellers know about the Foundation, whether our programs and services are relevant and what the industry would like to see from the Foundation going forward. We are sure that your thoughtful responses will help Binc tailor programs and services to assist booksellers in the best possible way.

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Binc Grant Recipients Pay it Forward

Pay it forward

The amount of each financial assistance grant from Binc is calculated after conversations between applicants and Binc staff members. Each applicant must have experienced an unexpected personal financial hardship to qualify for assistance, and the scope of the hardships vary with each case. The amount of each grant is designed to bring that particular bookseller back to the state of financial equilibrium that they enjoyed before the crisis arose. The Foundation’s goal is to help booksellers and their families quickly get back on their feet instead of facing a long-term financial hardship.

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What I Learned from Booksellers

GLIBA spring meeting 2014Being in a room with a group of energetic booksellers was a great way to spend a sunny winter day in Cleveland. The Great Lakes Independent Booksellers Association held their spring meeting with Oren Teicher and Joy Dallanegra-Sanger of the American Booksellers Association leading a lively discussion about what makes indie bookstores special and how they can continue to thrive. It was impossible not to get swept into the tide of creative ideas coming from the 30+ booksellers assembled.

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Financial Emergencies Needn’t Be Tragic

Financial emergencies needn't be tragicPhoto credit NoHoDamon via photopin cc

Household finances are often a balancing act even in the best of times. When an unexpected event causes a loss of household income, a family can be knocked into a downward spiral that seems to have no end. At the Binc Foundation we hear of these circumstances on a regular basis. Here are the stories of several of the families we have helped this year.

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