A Casual Comment Leads to a Magical Pairing

eightfold logo skyDid you ever have one of those very ordinary encounters that snowballs into something much bigger? A casual comment, which grows to a longer conversation, leading to an introduction and all this is followed up with something really extraordinary. That is exactly the chain of events that led to Binc’s relationship with Eightfold Marketing & Creative.

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Binc Foundation 2014 Scholarship Winners Announced

Scholarship 2014

“The Binc scholarship will surely allow me to focus more diligently on my studies. But further, the honor compels me to carry on the altruism of the Binc Foundation in my career as an information professional. Years from now, I hope to trace my success back to this incredible award.”

– Christina from Bookbug in Kalamazoo


The Book Industry Charitable Foundation is pleased to announce the winners of the 2014 Binc Scholarships. The program awarded two scholarships at the $10,000 level and 51 scholarships at the $3,500 level, together totaling $198,500 to eligible current bookstore employees/owners and their dependents as well as former Borders Group employees and their dependents. The scholars are a mix of traditional and non-traditional students at both undergraduate and graduate levels. This group of students will be studying subjects as diverse as veterinary technology, financial planning, publishing and graphic design. 34 bookstores in 26 states, from Vermont to California, can claim a Binc Scholar.

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Video – The Binc Foundation helps one independent bookseller eliminate over $100,000 in medical debt

In August of 2012, independent bookseller Clarey Rudd required emergency surgery after complications from cancer caused his throat to close to the size of a small wire. Thankfully, Clarey made a full recovery, but was inundated by over $100,000 of medical bills. This video tells how the Binc Foundation helped Clarey and his family by eliminating 100% of his medical debt and ensuring the future of his bookstores.


The Book Industry Charitable Foundation is proud to have been able to provide a safety net for Clarey and his family when they were faced with a potential crisis. With your support, Binc will be able to continue in our mission of supporting booksellers like Clarey through times of financial hardship.

To allow Binc to continue assisting booksellers who experience a financial crisis, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to Binc today.

My Experience With Binc

My experience with Binc

When you live in Minnesota, falling on the ice during winter is a given. The experience usually only results in a bruised ego, but this winter one of my little slips landed me at the surgeon’s. In early February, I fractured my fibula and had to get a metal plate and six screws to correct the injury. And let me tell you: three weeks on crutches and another month in a walking boot was not very fun… especially on ice… during one of most treacherous winters Minnesotans have ever seen. But in reality, the crutches and the boot were only minor annoyances in comparison to my anxiety over what this injury would cost me. As a full-time bookseller, my savings account is not exactly padded, nor do I have any paid sick time to speak of. All in all, I missed over seven days of work (a couple due to limited mobility during a particularly vicious blizzard a couple days after my surgery). I was stressed out, to say the least.

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Binc Scholarships Change Lives

“Now I can quit sweating about my current financial situation and focus harder on the studies in a field I love.”
– 2013 Binc Scholarship winner and future author


Scholarship picture

For more than a dozen years Binc scholarships have been encouraging booksellers and their dependents to reach for the stars. Binc has assisted nearly 500 students to become doctors, lawyers, teachers, writers and business owners. Beginning January 13, 2014, applications will be accepted for the 2014-2015 academic year. Don’t miss out on a chance to win a $10,000 or $3,500 scholarship.

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Bookstore Crisis has a Fairytale Ending

Read this great story from the Ventura County Star about how Binc was able to help a bookseller in California.  We are thrilled to have been able to help!

Clarey Rudd

Clarey Rudd, a longtime independent bookseller in Ventura, received a gift of more than $100,000* to pay his debt after surgery. He was uninsured when he underwent surgery for cancer. Photo credit Joseph A. GarciaVentura County Star

This is a story of a family given something amazing they never sought from a donor they had no idea was out there.

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The Rescue

We recently received an amazing thank you poem from Teresa Barbre, one of our Scholarship winners.

Thank you note

 Congratulations, Teresa! We are so happy to help!

Help Binc Tell Our Story

The Book Industry Charitable Foundation is pleased to be able to help bookstore employees through times of personal crisis with financial assistance grants. Higher education scholarships allow bookstore employees (or their dependents) to continue their education with less stress associated with the cost of their education. We know that the help we offer improves their immediate situation and allows booksellers to focus on their life in a more enjoyable way. It is the goal of the Binc Foundation to be a cornerstone in a caring community of book people.

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The Key to Surviving a Disaster – Be Prepared

This year has proven that no matter where you reside in the United States, you are not immune to disasters. Whether your community is prone to hurricanes, floods, fires, or winter storms some planning will go a long way to being prepared. The time to think about a potential natural disaster is not when they are imminent, but beforehand, when there is still time to work out a plan.

The Red Cross has put together a great Emergency Preparedness Playbook to get your business ready for anything Mother Nature may throw at you. Your home plan is also covered by the Red Cross. The Institute for Business & Home Safety also puts out a thorough planning booklet. These are valuable tools to use when getting your disaster plan in place.

MI-Disaster Preparedness Team -Emergency-Checklist-Web-LG

The Most Important Tools for your Business Post-Disaster

At a recent NEIBA round table discussion we reviewed the most critical preparation items, including:

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Chance Encounter

A few weeks ago, I unexpectedly became a patient in the cardiac unit of an area hospital. After I’d been there a couple of days, there was a knock at my door and two teenagers came in. They asked if I wanted a book or magazine or newspaper to read. I thanked them and held up my iPad and said that I was good for now. They promised to come back the next day. And so they did.

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