New Committee Chairs to Lead Marketing and Fundraising

Committee chairs

Nonprofits like Binc depend on their board of directors to make informed decisions about issues affecting the organization in order to accomplish their goals. Binc is fortunate to have a diverse and committed board of directors that truly care about the mission and is ready to jump in and get involved. As part of their service, Binc board members also join one of Binc’s standing committees – Communication & Marketing, Fundraising & Events, Finance & Governance, or Program. As a committee member they can more closely address issues and take action on Binc’s goals by contributing first hand in their own area of expertise. Board members serve as the committee chairs, being responsible for running the committee and coordinating communication and actions with the board. We are pleased to announce two board members who have volunteered to be committee chairs for 2015.

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Changes to the Binc Board of Directors in 2015

2014 was another big and exciting year at Binc. We launched a video about how we helped a veteran bookseller keep his bookstores, we traveled across the country to attend the IBA meetings and meet more book people, and we expanded our scholarship program, awarding almost $200,000 to booksellers and their families to pursue their higher education goals.

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Book People Together Ensuring a Lasting Foundation

Book People Together Masthead

The Past

The Binc Foundation was established in 2011 with an expanded mission of helping bookstore employees across the country in situations of hardship. At that time, the Foundation’s Board of Directors and staff decided that three years would be enough time to determine if this newly formed Foundation could be made viable and continue to improve the lives of booksellers. In November of 2014 the Binc Foundation celebrated a successful three years of helping book store employees facing financial emergencies get back on their feet.

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Inspiration in Every Message

woman with raised armsI know that it is not a brand’s responsibility to inspire people, customers, or viewers of their ads, through their advertising messages, but the message should persuade us to act favorably upon or consume whatever the brands are selling and promoting. Therefore, it is the promoter’s job to inspire us. Inspire us to feel good about our purchase of their product. Inspire us to want and desire what they have to offer.

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Binc Recognizes Departing Board Members

thank-youAs we say goodbye to 2014, we also have to say goodbye to three exceptional Board members who have completed their terms. These three women have been instrumental in supporting the Binc Foundation from the beginning. Their involvement with attending events, recruiting volunteers, assisting with technical jobs, and helping to plan a sustainable future has greatly advanced the mission of the Foundation to assist booksellers in need. It is not an exaggeration to say that we would not be where we are today without their hard work. Please join us in recognizing their vision, celebrating their accomplishments and thanking them for their service to the board of directors.

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What I did on my summer trip to California

While spending time in northern California this summer I visited several bookshops and had the opportunity to meet with several booksellers. One of the many benefits of being in northern California was the number of good bookstores to visit.

The Copperfield’s stores in Healdsburg, Sebastopol and San Rafael were the shops I got to visit most frequently. Along with front tables that highlight a broad selection of titles the Healdsburg store has two cats in residence that add even more charm. I was busy petting them and forgot to get their picture. And all of the stores have a very tempting selection of remainder books. The café in the San Rafael store provided a comfortable spot to watch the foot traffic and grab a bite to eat.

Copperfields Books      Copperfields Dog

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Binc Welcomes Two New Board Members

The Binc Foundation is pleased to welcome Mary Jane Karwoski (Books-A-Million) and Annie Philbrick (Bank Square Books) to the Binc Board of Directors. Pam French, Executive Director of the Foundation, is thrilled about the new board members and said, “We feel very fortunate to add Mary Jane and Annie to the Binc board. Their leadership experience, industry knowledge and passion for bookselling will help us continue to refine our strategic plan.”

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Binc Thanks Former Board Members

Thank you Binc BoardAs the year draws to an end, it is time to say good-bye to Board members who have completed their terms of office. Not only have these individuals given many hours of their time and readily shared their expertise with Binc, but they have all become very good friends along the way. These dedicated volunteers were with us through the transition from Borders Group Foundation to the Book Industry Charitable Foundation and were instrumental in all the myriad of decisions that entailed. It is not an exaggeration to say that we would not be where we are today without their hard work.

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