Visiting Bookstores? Help Spread the Word

Visiting bookstores

Are you a sales rep for a publisher, sidelines provider, author, or someone who regularly visits bookstores? If you are then, you can help Binc spread the word to booksellers about the assistance available to them. We know that the more times a bookseller hears about Binc, the more apt they are to take advantage of our services. The value of having our message reinforced by publishers, industry representatives and authors is priceless.

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Spread the Word – Be a Binc Ambassador

When traveling the country and visiting bookstores, the words we still hear too often are “I have never heard of Binc.” After we explain about the Foundation and the services we offer, the look of amazement is a joy to behold. We want all booksellers to know that they have a safety net in times of personal crisis. Our goal is to have Binc Foundation information in every bookstore in the country, have their staff become familiar with the Foundation services and know how to take advantage of them.

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