Bookseller Stories

You Helped A Family Stay Warm & Safe

Last week our program manager got a call from a bookseller that came home to the unwelcome news that their home’s heat and lights would be shut off due to money owed.

You Gave Hope, After the Devastation

The last thing this family did before evacuating was to take a photo of their home; they didn’t know what they would find when it was safe to return. When they did return, their worst fears were realized, but, thanks to you, this family and others like them, had a place to call. They called Binc.

Thanks to You, Binc is There to Answer the Call

It wasn’t supposed to be this way.

Other people are ill, get better, go back to work, and things get back to normal. That’s the way it’s supposed to happen. Sometimes, though; recovery from COVID-19 takes a little longer. But, the bills don’t stop when a person is sick.

Thank You for Helping to Put Food on the Table

In the past six weeks a new worry has appeared as the chief need for people seeking help. Food. Yes; there are still fears that the rent payment would be late, but they are worried about getting groceries for the next five days.

Thanks to You, Binc Can Provide Critical, Timely Assistance

Thank you for your support! It will ensure that needed medical attention is given as more and more patients receive surprising financial news, even after careful advance planning to cover out of pocket expenses.

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