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More than $1MM Raised for Book and Comic Sellers Thanks to Humble Bundle and Ebook Publishers

Thanks to Humble Bundle and 17 publishers, more than $1 million has been donated to the Book Industry Charitable (Binc) Foundation in less than six years to support the people who own and work at book and comic stores across the country. One million dollars translates to nearly 500 emergency financial assistance grants to stabilize

You Helped a Bookseller Find Safety & Peace

This month a bookseller struggling with depression and anxiety was among the people you helped.

You Are Helping Rebuild a Life

smoke detector of fire alarm in action

In addition to the other 220 booksellers and comic shop employees and owners you’ve helped this year, this month you helped a bookseller displaced by fire begin to rebuild their life.

You Are Helping Stores Recover From Flooding

Hope ahead: a highway sign rises above deep flood waters.

Because you stand with Binc, Binc stands ready to help the employees and owners of bookstores and comic shops during and after extreme weather disasters.

You Helped a New Family Stay Snug at Home

Stylish wooden toy for kids on beige background.

This month you helped a family that was blindsided by unforeseen expenses that almost had the new family of three living on the street. The good news is both mother and baby are now home recovering.

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