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“To strengthen the bookselling community through charitable programs that support employees and their families.”

This is the mission of the Binc Foundation, to help maintain a strong book industry.  To achieve this goal, we need strong bookstores, and strong bookstores need engaged employees. Overwhelming medical bills, personal tragedy, natural disaster or the enormous cost of higher education can all pose insurmountable hurdles for a bookstore employee. This is where the Binc Foundation comes in, acting as the “bookseller’s safety net”. Binc provides real help to real booksellers every day. Assisting the bookseller’s family to return to a state of financial equilibrium and allowing the bookseller to focus on the job they love. And this is where YOU come in, as a vital part of this caring community of book people.

There is no better way to show your support of the book industry, than in helping to support the individual booksellers in America’s bookstores. When a business donates to a worthy cause, its image is enhanced in the public eye. Supporting Binc is a great way to tell others in the book industry and the public at large, that your company has a commitment to the overall book industry, you are a caring member of the community of book people. Enhancing your company’s image, the associated tax relief and strengthening the book community are only the fringe benefits; the real value is in the tangible results your donation can achieve.

Join the Binc Foundation as we keep financial hardships from becoming financial catastrophes. Whether it is helping to pay overdue bills or preventing higher education from becoming a financial burden, your company’s donation to Binc will secure a better future for bookstore employees and their families.

At every level of giving, you will be making an immediate impact on the lives of bookstore employees. Here are some examples:

Lexicon Donor $1,000

Safely house and feed two families in the immediate wake of a disaster

Cover a month’s rent in a safe home for the victim of domestic abuse

Folio Donor $2,500

Provide housing & utility costs for a bookstore employee temporarily unable to work

Send 3 booksellers to professional industry conferences

Opus Donor $5,000

Pay for medical mediation fees* for all applicants for a full year

Cover funeral expenses for a bookseller’s spouse or child

Manuscript Donor $10,000

Support 3 families through a medical emergency with essential household expenses
Fund one premier higher education scholarship.


All of our corporate donors receive special designation on our website and on social media, clearly labeling your company as a proud member of this caring community of book people.

Please join Binc in our mission to strengthen the book industry by supporting bookstore employees in times of personal financial hardship. Contact us today to arrange a corporate sponsorship from your company.

*Medical mediation services help lower and in some cases, completely eliminate overwhelming medical bills following surgery or illness.

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