Kit Mundus Steinaway

Programs Manager | Binc Foundation

Kit came to the Foundation in 2007 after spending years in graphic design and gardening careers. The Foundation’s mission of providing emergency assistance to those in need was a logical extension of the volunteer work she has done all of her adult life for a variety of social service organizations. As the Programs Manager, she is thrilled to use her problem-solving skills in ways that make a real difference in the day-to-day lives of booksellers.

When Michigan weather permits, you can find Kit working in her garden, exploring a local park, and generally enjoying the outdoors. Otherwise, she will be inside with a good book, a knitting project, a painting, or a new recipe to try. As an avid “thrifter” you can find Kit scouring thrift stores wherever she is – no matter the weather.

Binc is always looking to improve and expand services, so if you have a question or suggestion, you can get in touch with Kit at

Kit’s Recommended Reads

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