Spread the Word – Be a Binc Ambassador

When traveling the country and visiting bookstores, the words we still hear too often are “I have never heard of Binc.” After we explain about the Foundation and the services we offer, the look of amazement is a joy to behold. We want all booksellers to know that they have a safety net in times of personal crisis. Our goal is to have Binc Foundation information in every bookstore in the country, have their staff become familiar with the Foundation services and know how to take advantage of them.

ambassador binder

For this purpose we have developed an informational binder, containing all the materials a bookseller needs.

How to access the financial assistance and scholarship programs

How to get your store involved in fundraising and volunteering

How you can help to advocate to other booksellers

If you are a bookstore owner or manager and don’t have a binder in your store – email the Foundation today for your copy.

If you believe in the work Binc is doing, please ask each bookstore you visit if they know about Binc. Share this informational flyer with them and encourage the store owner or manager to contact us.

Work together as a caring community of book people, we can ensure that any bookseller facing a personal financial emergency will know where to come for assistance.

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