Serious Medical Expenses

All booksellers are encouraged to carry health insurance as large medical bills can have a disastrous effect on a household’s finances. However, Foundation assistance may be available to help solve short-term financial emergencies created by serious medical expenses, such as paying the patient’s share of covered insurance expenses or assisting with the purchase of special equipment not covered by insurance.

Serious medical expenses include illnesses, injuries, or mental or physical conditions that involve one of the following: hospital care, extended absence from work coupled with treatment, chronic conditions requiring treatment and permanent or long-term conditions requiring treatment. Assistance may also be provided when emergency treatment is needed and partial payment or a down payment is required for treatment to be received.

Most requests for assistance are for the patient’s share of covered expenses after health plan payments from the provider have been made. Typically, the Foundation does not assist with co-payments or premium payments for medical services.

Book Industry Charitable Foundation financial assistance is not a substitute for participation in a health plan. Assistance for booksellers who chose not to participate in a medical plan may be limited. If a grant for assistance is given to a bookseller who has significant medical expenses, the Foundation may choose to use a medical mediation service to reduce the overall costs of the medical bill.

The Foundation does not provide assistance for experimental or preventive procedures not covered by the applicant’s health plan and Foundation funds are not provided for elective medical treatment. The Foundation cannot assist with medical insurance premiums.

Additional documents required for serious medical expenses:

  1. Doctor’s note or affidavit of disability (including information on the illness or injury, course of treatment and recovery time)
  2. Out of pocket medical charges or quotes for the necessary procedure
  3. Signed HIPPA form provided by Binc.

Apply Now   Instructions

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