Professional Development Scholarships

The Foundation believes that the future of healthy bookstores and comic stores lies in the continuing education of the owners and employees. To encourage further business development and growth, the Foundation offers scholarships for the following professional events and certificate programs.

Currently, all applications are closed.

Carla Gray Memorial Scholarship for Emerging Bookseller-Activists

The bookseller winning this scholarship will receive travel and hotel for attendance to Winter Institute, travel and hotel for attendance to their regional tradeshow, and a stipend to fund a community outreach project.

Denver Publishing Institute Scholarship

The University of Denver Campus

Binc in collaboration with Sourcebooks and the Denver Publishing Institute sponsor a scholarship for booksellers interested in exploring a career in the publishing side of the industry.

Macmillan Booksellers Professional Development Scholarship

The Macmillan Booksellers Professional Development Scholarship aims to strengthen the industry by encouraging a greater number of individuals from underrepresented groups to choose and/or continue careers in bookselling. This scholarship will allow up to one bookseller to attend each of the fall regional trade shows.

George Keating Memorial Scholarship

The Friends of George Keating scholarship has the goal of helping booksellers enhance their professional development and advance in roles with their bookstores or within the publishing industry. The scholarship is tied to the regions where Keating worked and was a well-known, beloved colleague. The scholarship provides $250 to a bookseller from each of three regional associations, NAIBA, SIBA and NEIBA, for the purpose of professional development. 

ABA Winter Institute

The ABA accepts applications for scholarships to help cover room, meals and travel expenses. Scholarship winners are selected by the ABA and the funds are provided by the Foundation. The current ABA rules and regulations apply to these selections.

Children’s Institute

The Binc Foundation offers scholarships to cover room, meals and travel expenses to Children’s Institute. The scholarship winners are selected by the ABA. The current ABaA rules and regulations apply for the

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