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Are you a bookseller in need of emergency assistance? Email or call 1-866-733-9064. We will answer your questions and guide you through the financial aid process.


The purpose of the Book Industry Charitable Foundation financial assistance program is to assist with specific unforeseen emergency financial needs of a bookstore employee and their immediate family members living in the same household. The Foundation assesses each request to determine a course of action to provide short-term assistance and help relieve the financial need.

The Book Industry Charitable Foundation strives to be fair, consistent, objective and professional when reviewing requests and making decisions. Many times, financial help is only a part of the solution. The bookstore employee may also need the help of financial counselors or local social service resources to explore ways to reach a long-term solution to their problem. There are also times when assistance by the Foundation is not appropriate and the bookstore employee is directed to other sources for help. In either case, the Foundation works to provide preliminary resources to help booksellers locate alternative assistance.

To remain objective and consistent, it is important to verify facts in relation to the financial crisis. Therefore, the bookstore employee is asked to complete a financial assistance application and provide documentation related to their situation, including proof of their current monthly income, expenses, and the specific qualifying event. This information is used to verify the financial emergency, and details are kept confidential.

Financial Assistance

The Binc Foundation offers assistance to booksellers facing unexpected financial hardships. Below is a list of the type of events that can cause an individual or family to fall behind on household bills.

  • Domestic violence
  • Funeral expenses
  • Homelessness prevention
  • Loss of household income due to:
    • death in the family
    • disability
    • disruption of business
    • divorce or separation
    • partner/spouse job loss
    • emergency child or elder care
  • Serious medical expenses
  • Utility shut-off prevention

This list is not all-inclusive, if you have experienced an event not listed, please contact Binc to discuss your specific need.

Contact Binc to determine how we can help.



Disaster Assistance

A disaster may affect only a few individuals, such as a dwelling fire, or an entire community, such as a flood, tornado, or hurricane. Whether it is help with evacuation and emergency services, or assistance to recover after the disaster, Binc is here to help.

Please Note: Disaster assistance is available for both individuals and for stores.

Contact Binc to determine how we can help.



Matching Grants

The financial assistance programs offered by the Binc Foundation have been created to address as many financial emergencies as possible. Occasionally, a bookseller will need help in a situation not currently covered by Binc’s existing Financial Assistance programs.

The Matching Grant Program is designed to assist a bookstore employee experiencing a financial hardship outside of our core areas of assistance. Types of qualifying events that could qualify for a Matching Grant are auto repairs, insurance premiums, emergency home repairs, adoption and medical expenses.

Contact Binc to determine how we can help.




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