Payroll deduction – An Easy Way to help Binc

Payroll deduction

What if donating to Binc was quick, easy and still benefited booksellers across the country in times of financial hardship? It already is! Bookstores like Books Inc. and Maria’s Bookshop have found an effective and convenient way to help support Binc by starting voluntary recurring payroll deduction programs at their stores. These programs allow bookstore employees to donate a small amount from each paycheck to Binc in order to help Binc fund programs to assist their colleagues in need. These small amounts from many booksellers add up to big help for someone facing financial hardship.

Two bookstores already participate in payroll deduction

Books Inc. was Binc’s payroll deduction pioneer, starting their program last year to great success. Maria’s Bookshop started their payroll deduction enrollment this year and they have gotten a great start making it easy for their employees to sign up and support Binc.

Both of these stores have even gone so far as to match their employees’ contributions. These programs earn needed funds for Binc’s programs and show that the employees and management of Books Inc. and Maria’s Bookshop are eager to support their bookselling peers.

If you are wondering if payroll deduction is right for your store/company and its employees, you can get more information from this Payroll Deduction PacketHere you will get more details and forms to enroll in the program. Whether your store or company has 3 employees or 50+ employees the program can be adjusted for you. We should know because the Binc staff contributes via payroll deduction as well.

Company Matching Donations

Having your store/company match your employee donations can be a big incentive and reinforce the message of the importance of the Binc Foundation to the bookselling industry. If your store or company is interested in matching employee’s donations, simply decide what level of support is best for you (i.e. dollar for dollar, 50¢ on the dollar, etc.) and include the amount with the monthly employee donations. If you have questions, please contact Binc at 734-477-1025 or

Donating to Binc is an important way to help booksellers, who in turn help maintain healthy bookstores and a strong book industry. With the addition of a payroll deduction donation program at your company or store it is quick & easy too!

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