National Gun Violence Awareness Day

Friday, June 3, is National Gun Violence Awareness Day which, since 2015, has occurred on the first Friday in June. The day of awareness this year comes at a time when the media remains exceptionally filled with stories of the impact  gun violence has on communities, families, and people across the country, including those working in book and comic stores.

0ver the past month the members of the book and publishing community have found ways to bring their own voice and focus to this issue.

The May 27, 2022 issue of Shelf Awareness Pro, an online publication dedicated to the book trade, highlights the actions some bookstores have taken. From social media messages and in-store displays, to donations from store sales and a venue for community roundtable discussions; local bookstores are reaching out to communicate their grief and offer their communities resources and information.

Penguin Random House and Penguin Publishing Group are again partnering with Everytown for Gun Safety, which raises awareness of gun violence on #WearOrange weekend, an event that follows National Gun Violence Awareness Day each year.

In addition to the recommendations of local bookstores, Penguin Random House released an updated National Gun Violence Awareness Day Book List, with titles available at local stores,, or through the providers noted on the linked list.

In addition to highlighting the actions and resources from the book community Binc is offering employees and owners of bookstores and comic shops access to BetterHelp. BetterHelp is a licensed and professional online therapy program. Binc will cover all costs for up to eight sessions with a BetterHelp therapist.

Bookstore and comic shop employees and owners can find out more about the BetterHelp pilot here.
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