Medical Recovery Services: Helping Binc Reduce Medical Bills

In just over two years of working with Medical Recovery Services (MRS), Binc has been able to help make a substantial difference in the lives of 20 bookstore employees and their families. The MRS staff provides professional and detailed support to advocate for the best care at the lowest prices before, during or after a medical illness.


Many of the bookstore employees requesting assistance with medical bills have come to Binc after serious medical procedures, such as a knee replacement, heart surgery and even chemotherapy. These bookstore employees who were experiencing extreme financial hardship came to us with a total of $78,000 in medical debt and MRS successfully negotiated these bills down to $34,500. with the 56% total savings negotiated by MRS, Binc was able to eliminate all of the outstanding bills.

MRS services and support has helped Binc be good stewards of the dollars generously donated by bookstore employees, bookstore owners, publishers and friends of the Foundation. If you or someone you know is dealing with a medical illness that has caused a financial hardship MRS is a great resource. If you are a bookstore employee experiencing a medical illness please contact Binc to see how we can help.

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