Making a Fresh Start

vol. 12 // February 2021

Divorce is an emotional and difficult situation at any time, but it is doubly hard during a pandemic. One bookseller found this out recently as the stresses of COVID led to the end of their marriage and the need for an immediate move.

Having to vacate the family home in a very challenging housing market proved to be arduous. COVID precautions made the option of temporarily staying with friends or family unsafe for the bookseller and their young child. 

The bookseller was already coping with COVID-related reduced paychecks and needed to continue working, forcing a quick, extra-stressful move. The family found a new and safe apartment, but they were forced to leave many personal belongings behind. 

Caring co-workers encouraged the bookseller to contact Binc, and we are happy they did. Binc was able to help stabilize the family financially and make sure they had the necessities needed to begin their new life safely and without the worry of mounting debt.

Divorce or separation often leads to a loss of household income, when this happens, help may be available from Binc. If you know or are yourself a bookseller or comic shop employee, and a loss of household income has created a financial emergency, contact Binc. We may be able to help.

One of my employees had a series of hardships. We reached out to Binc on their behalf. Binc was amazing! So responsive, easy to deal with, and fast. And probably best of all, the help was instrumental [in getting the employee back on their feet].
—A Bookstore Owner

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