Life Can Change in a Single Moment


We recently received a donation and a poignant letter from a former bookseller who suffered a stroke in the prime of life.  We hope that sharing her words will serve as a reminder to us all that we never know what tomorrow will bring.

“For well over a month after my grant was approved I cried every time I thought about it. I simply couldn’t believe the compassion shown to us by Binc!

I contributed to the Foundation NEVER expecting to need that type of help. It just goes to show that life can change in a single moment. One minute I was fine and the next changed my life forever. Not only were we trying to manage my health, but we suffered the loss of my income which was ¾ of our monthly household income. We did everything we could to help ourselves, but after a time we simply couldn’t do it.

Astronomical medical bills took everything we had. Every single penny we had in savings and there was no end in sight. I am still receiving regular treatments for several serious medical issues resulting from the stroke, as well as physical and cognitive therapy.

It has been so difficult to come to terms with what has happened to me, but I enter 2015 with a sense of who I am now and with a sense of peace in my heart. I will continue to improve, I’m kind of driven that way. I’m certainly not the person I was. Sometimes I think I am actually a better one. But I’m also not who I will be once my journey here on earth is done. Thank you stroke. Lesson learned.

Binc was there when I needed it. I want to be there so that Binc can show the same compassion to others in need. I can never say thanks to Binc enough for making our lives a little easier during a very difficult time!”

Your donation can help booksellers going through similar difficulties. Donate today!

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