It’s All About the People


In making the plans for the Foundation’s 20th anniversary celebration a lot of ideas, details and options have been discussed. The one theme that they all have in common is the people, and more specifically the book people that made it all possible.

The Foundation began as a way for Borders employees across the U.S. to help each other out during financial crises. This simple idea that combined the generosity of thousands of book people including booksellers, book store owners, book buyers, distribution workers, those involved in marketing, human resources, IT and store operations, created a safety net for employees facing financial emergencies. Over the years, the generosity across the industry of authors, editors, publishers, distributors, supply chain vendors, IT vendors, and so many more, has grown to allow the Foundation to help thousands of booksellers throughout the country.

In 2011, with the liquidation of Borders, the Foundation could have ceased to exist. Fortunately, there was, and still is, a particularly important group of people whose vision allowed and whose support encouraged the Foundation to reinvent itself in order to continue helping booksellers. Our board of directors put their trust in our small and willing team to figure out how to continue our mission in the face of significant adversity. As we took this leap of faith we were fortunate to add the enthusiastic support from the American Booksellers Association and the regional Independent Booksellers Associations. Without these three groups of people Binc would not have had a second act and booksellers would not have the safety net that Binc assistance provides.

Today, the Foundation continues the mission that has led it from the beginning; to strengthen the bookselling industry by helping booksellers and their families who face unexpected personal financial emergencies. Book people from across the industry have embraced this concept of helping each other and the results have exceeded everyone’s expectations. The majority of Binc donors will be fortunate enough never to need an assistance grant, they donate for purely a selfless reason, to help their colleagues through times of hardship.

We’ve never figured out the ideal way to thank all of the people who have helped along the way. It is not an understatement or exaggeration to say that Binc exists today because of their passion and dedication to books and to book people. That is why Binc is truly an industry foundation, belonging to all book people.

You all have our gratitude and our sincere thanks.

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