Inspiration in Every Message

woman with raised armsI know that it is not a brand’s responsibility to inspire people, customers, or viewers of their ads, through their advertising messages, but the message should persuade us to act favorably upon or consume whatever the brands are selling and promoting. Therefore, it is the promoter’s job to inspire us. Inspire us to feel good about our purchase of their product. Inspire us to want and desire what they have to offer.

We are overwhelmed each and every day with advertisements—both good and bad. I for one, am happy to see the barrage of political ads that have flooded our television and radio airways over the past couple of months disappear. Now we move into that time of year where the sounds coming through the speakers of our televisions and radios, and what we see online are joyous and uplifting. As consumers we are once again encouraged to buy, purchase, and now give.

There is no shortage of hate, destruction of mankind, and devastation happening around us each day. If you watch the local news you are filled with what’s wrong with the world. But, here comes the bright spot—the holidays are upon us! And if the holiday season is the only time we think about helping others, well then let it be the only time. At least we’ve thought of someone other than ourselves for once this year!

This video shared by The Book Industry Charitable Foundation (Binc) reminded me of a Salvation Army’s ad from a couple of years back. The Salvation Army’s brand is synonymous with helping others. While the suffering in the ad isn’t directly related to the Clarey Rudd story shared by Binc, the message is the same. Everyone gets down on his or her luck at some point in life. It is up to the rest of us to care enough to lift them up again. Binc’s video and the Salvation Army’s holiday ad should inspire you, move you, and activate the opportunity to give. Let’s all band together and help those in need. If the holiday season is the only time of year that you are inspired, then let it be; because we are stronger together. If you cannot donate to the Binc Foundation directly, or you don’t have money to give, donate clothing to The Salvation Army, or give of your time. We can all make a difference.

From now until December 15th, Binc board members have pledged to match all donations up to $3,000. Thanks to our board, your donation dollars will go twice as far!

Blog post by Rockelle Henderson
President & CEO of Rock Inked, Inc. & member of the Binc Board of Directors

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