If a disaster strikes, Binc can help


No one can ever be sure when a disaster will strike. Floods, wildfires and hurricanes can happen at any time with little or no warning. September is National Preparedness Month, a time for thinking about how best to protect your home, family and business should a disaster strike. The best time to think about how a disaster may effect you is before it happens when there is time to create a plan. Making sure your family and business are ready and informed should there be a disaster, is one of the most important things you can do to protect your loved ones and investments.

The American Red Cross provides emergency support for over 70,000 disasters each year. They provide assistance to meet basic human needs (shelter, water, food, etc.) immediately after a disaster strikes. Here are some simple steps from the Red Cross you can take NOW to get ready for a disaster:

  • Next, make a plan. Plan a route to safety and make sure everyone in the household knows it. Once you have a plan, make a second plan. Often times, routes are blocked during disasters. Commit these routes to memory in case mobile data service is not accessible in the area.


After a disaster, Binc provides a safety net for booksellers

The Binc Foundation offers assistance to booksellers in times of disaster. Binc can provide immediate assistance to help with evacuation, temporary shelter, and emergency food and water expenses. After the disaster has hit and the damage has been assessed, Binc can help with post-disaster assistance for related expenses, ie. essential home repair, unpaid bills due to lost wages.

In October 2012 Binc provided assistance to nine booksellers in the wake of Hurricane Sandy providing emergency transportation and shelter to the effected bookstore employees and their families. In September of 2013 Binc provided a total of $1319.00 in financial assistance to six booksellers and their families to help with lost wages and home repairs related to the Colorado Floods.

“My family cannot thank Binc enough for their help, as we would be in a terrible position at this point without them. I appreciate Binc being there for me in my family’s time of need.”

– Grant recipient from Minnesota

Immediate Disaster Assistance

Help during an evacuation and for up to 72 hours after the disaster strikes

The disaster may affect only a few individuals, such as a house or apartment fire, or an entire community, such as a flood, tornado, or hurricane.

Foundation assistance focuses on meeting a bookseller’s and their families’ immediate emergency needs caused by disaster. In dire situations we provide help with immediate needs:

  1. Transportation costs for mandatory evacuation.
  2. Hotel expense assistance when free shelter or housing is not available through community or family resources.
  3. Emergency food and water expense assistance provided if not covered by household savings or community resources.

If your household is the path of a natural disaster such as flood, fire, earthquake or tornado please follow evacuation or preparedness guidelines. You should know what your risks are and prepare to protect yourself, your family and community.

For more information about disaster preparedness check out these helpful sites:

Additional documents required for immediate disaster assistance:

  • Red Cross intake form or FEMA evacuation notice
  • Lodging quote or lodging expenses documentation

If you need Immediate Disaster Assistance, apply now!

Post-Disaster Assistance

The disaster may affect only a few individuals, such as a house or apartment fire, or an entire community, such as a flood, tornado, or hurricane. Foundation assistance focuses on meeting a bookseller’s and their families’ post disaster needs, in situations where there is a financial crisis not able to be alleviated by the use of household savings.

If a bookseller is requesting assistance post disaster we may be able to help with:

  1. Loss of wages caused by a store being closed for an extended period of time due to the disaster
  2. Repairs to the employee’s home to make it habitable

Additional documents required for post disaster assistance:

  • FEMA registration (if eligible)
  • Insurance claim and quote for repairs (for repairs to dwelling)
  • Documentation of lost wages via letter or contact information from the bookstore owner or manager

If you need Post-Disaster Assistance, apply here.

Please contact Binc at info@bincfoundation.org with questions or to get more information on how to apply for disaster assistance.

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