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  1. Good morning Mr Pilkey! I am an afterschool program instructor with children from tk-4 grade. I work in the outskirts of Los Angeles, Lake LOs Angeles to be exact. Most of the children here are either foster children , were in the system, have behavioral issues among other disadvantages. I have been working on getting them to read more this year and I have noticed the only books I can’t get them to put down to do their math or spelling homework, are YOUR books! THey absolutley loooove DOGMAN and Captain UNderpants! (I just found out you are the author of both great series!) I was wondering if you had a foundation where you may possibly be in the position to donate some of your books to these children. I am trying to get great packages for the holidays for the children in the area and i know they would loooooove these books. Especially since most kids just want to be on their gaming systems or television all day. Thank you for your time i hope to hear from you soon. Again, thank you in advance .

    1. Hi Samantha,
      Binc is a nonprofit that exists to help booksellers during times of financial hardship. We do not represent, nor can we get in touch with Mr. Pilkey. I suggest you try his website or his publisher Scholastic to see if you can get in touch with them about a donation. Best of luck to you.

      -The Binc Foundation

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