Humor and Inspiration Abound at the NAIBA Discovery Show

NAIBA collage

Over the weekend booksellers from the New Atlantic Independent Booksellers Association (NAIBA) gathered in Somerset, NY to celebrate books, authors and each other despite the threat of a hurricane. At each event speakers fed off each other’s creativity and wit entertaining booksellers with tales of genius, silly missteps and even singing!

At the kick off Friday Preview Supper Penny enjoyed meeting Kirstin from Let’s Play Books! And Rob and Harvey from the Clinton Bookshop. During dinner Bonnie McFarlane joked with everyone about her life as a stand up comic and admitted that she’s actually only read two more books than she’s written. Later, Jesse Eisenberg relayed what a typical day is like for him and how the book Cold Mountain, which causes readers to come into a bookstore weeping, is actually paying for his book. Did we mention Jesse signed all his books with a Binc Foundation pen?

opening night books

The Publishers Marketplace on Saturday was full of energy as booksellers met up with old friends and discovered new books. Many booksellers including higher education scholarship winner Amanda Zirn from Bethany Beach Books, visited the Binc table. Marlene and Tom England from Curious Iguana won our Binc tote bag raffle – it has so many pockets!!

Dav Pilkey

At Saturday night’s Awards Banquet the audience was cracking up as Dav Pilkey told the story of the first time he drew Captain Underpants. His classmates were amused, his teacher, not so much. Cece Bell ripped up her speech and spoke from her heart after receiving her book of the year award. Legacy Award winner Richard Russo ended the evening by belting out Bruce Springsteen to the astonishment of the delighted audience.

Many thanks to Eileen Dengler and the NAIBA board and staff for including Binc in the show and giving us a chance to thank the membership at their annual meeting, and to let them know how the Binc Foundation is helping booksellers in need. We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing everyone again next year in Baltimore.

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