Organize a fundraiser

What is good for your community and for the book industry is good for your business. Customers admire a business that has more on their agenda than just selling a product. We have put together some fun and easy suggestions to get your store, employees and customers involved in raising money to support booksellers facing financial hardships.

These suggestions are only a starting point and we encourage stores to design your own unique fundraising events. If you have an event you would like to organize, we are happy to work with you to help your vision come to life. Contact today!

Have you held a Binc fundraiser? Let us know how it went – and be sure to send pictures!


Books by Chance


Turn your extra books, CDs and DVDs into cash to help booksellers in need. You can donate your books to Books by Chance, get a tax deduction and when the books are sold, Binc will receive 35% of the funds. Print out the donation form and review the guidelines to make your book donation count for Binc.

Cell Phone Drive

Most people have at least one old cell phone sitting around gathering dust. A cell phone collection drive is a great and easy way for your store to start gathering funds. Click here to learn more about recycling cell phones for Binc. Print a cell phone drive poster.