How You Can Help

Your Financial Support Helps Booksellers

Your donation to the Book Industry Charitable Foundation helps fund our mission of strengthening the bookselling community through charitable programs. Our goal is to assist booksellers experiencing an unforeseen event that has created a financial emergency within the household. We help those experiencing a financial hardship due to a serious medical condition or emergency, loss of household income, disasters, domestic violence and more.

With your support, the Binc Foundation is able to reinforce our vision of providing a booksellers safety net. We welcome all forms of assistance whether it is a one-time donation, sustaining donation, planned giving, volunteering your time, or organizing a fundraiser. Continue reading to find out how you can help those in need.

Binc Assists A Bookseller Facing a Personal Financial Crisis

Find out more about Clarey’s story.

With your generous support, the Binc Foundation is able to help veteran booksellers like Clarey Rudd, a career independent bookseller in Ventura, CA. Clarey experienced a serious medical emergency, requiring immediate surgery and was overwhelmed by the resulting medical bills. The Binc Foundation was able to help Clarey and his family by working to eliminate 100% of his medical debt.