How Binc is supporting uninsured booksellers with the help of NeedyMeds

In early April a bookstore employee reached out to Binc after a knee injury. The first priority after the injury was to obtain an MRI. That might have been an obstacle since an MRI without insurance can cost up to $3,000. But, Alison Foreman Binc’s program manager suggested the NeedyMeds MRI/CAT scan discount program with Next Image.

Working with Next Image the entire referral process took just two days! As a result of the discount program, the cost for the procedure was $600, a discount of over 75%!

The process consists of three quick and easy steps:

Step 1: Have your physician or chiropractor fax a prescription for the MRI or CT to 800-637-5164.

Step 2: Once the prescription is sent call 888-693-8867 to speak with a scheduling coordinator or complete the process online. Make sure to utilize the NeedyMeds Group ID Number: 1362 to obtain your discount rate.

Step 3: The scheduling coordinator will set up an appointment for you (payment is collected via credit card at the time of scheduling). Most appointments occur within 2-5 business days following the payment.

According to Terry, the bookseller from Colorado, the Next Image “application part was simple enough and did not take long to be approved. After my doctor sent over the prescription to Next Image, Binc Foundation came into the picture to consider my request to cover the MRI bill.”

After the final step Terry sent the cost estimate for the MRI to Binc to be included with their application for consideration to the financial assistance program. A grant was approved the same day to cover the full amount of $600 for the MRI procedure.

When asked about the Binc grant process Terry wants you to know “contacting Binc with my health concern was indeed a comforting experience. Being uninsured is a stressful situation and this Foundation truly is a blessing to… bookstore employees in need of help. I had no idea how many different types of resources are out there to help and Binc can connect you to them.”

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