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The Book Industry Charitable Foundation is pleased to be able to help bookstore employees through times of personal crisis with financial assistance grants. Higher education scholarships allow bookstore employees (or their dependents) to continue their education with less stress associated with the cost of their education. We know that the help we offer improves their immediate situation and allows booksellers to focus on their life in a more enjoyable way. It is the goal of the Binc Foundation to be a cornerstone in a caring community of book people.

As we expand the mission of the Foundation to assist the employees of all bookstores across the country, it is important that we can tell our story in an engaging way. The most dynamic method of spreading the word about Binc is through the personal testimonials of those who have been helped. We know that there are more bookstore employees out there who have a financial need, but they need to know how efficient and easy the grant application process can be.

Your story matters

Tell us your financial assistance story

Have you received a financial assistance grant? Have you or your dependent been awarded a Binc Scholarship? If you are comfortable sharing your story, you can be an inspiration to others who have a need, but are reluctant to apply. It would be a huge help to Binc if you would share your story by writing a blog entry, recording your testimonial or creating a short video.

We are looking for personal testimonials to incorporate in an upcoming informational video and on social media. We need your story, but understand that this is not something everyone is comfortable with sharing with others. To that end, Binc won’t use your name if you wish to remain anonymous, if you don’t want to appear on camera, we can use your voice over with another image, we will share your story in whatever way makes you most comfortable.

If you are ready to help Binc and “pay it forward”, here are some “How-To’s” for making a video, as well as a very useful YouTube video.  There is also a “how-to” for recording your audio story or quote.

Feel free to contact us ( or 866-733-9064) to talk about how your story can inspire others to apply and make certain that others can share in the good fortune of a Binc grant or scholarship.

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