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Join us in welcoming the Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) to the bookselling community that Binc Serves. We asked president Karen Stuth to tell us a little bit about COVR and their member stores and booksellers.

The Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) is the not-for-profit trade association for the Mind Body Spirit marketplace. COVR support the success of its members by providing education, mentoring, member discounts, and targeted networking. Our members include retail bookstore and gift store owners, publishers, distributors, vendors, musicians, artists, authors, product developers and manufacturers, filmmakers, radio and television hosts, inspirational speakers, jewelry-makers, healing arts practitioners, and more.

COVR was formed in 1996 by a group of people from the very unique businesses that create and sell conscious living and visionary books, music, products, and services. Recognizing the special dynamics of our industry, our founders created an organization to help and support each other.

Our members are in the business of helping the world become a better place with their spiritually uplifting products and services that nurture and celebrate the human spirit. COVR Members support and embrace a spiritual world view characterized by global concern, social conscience, peaceful coexistence, and ecological sustainability. This world view includes the various forms of personal freedoms and human rights, including civil rights, peace, social justice, and equal rights for women. At the more personal level, COVR supports companies that emphasize creativity and personal growth, and generally hold in high regard the concepts of integrity, altruism, self-actualization, optimism, spirituality, authenticity, wholistic oneness, and direct personal experience. Our marketplace exists for personal growth, to instill knowledge, to encourage harmony, for self-help, alternative health, spirituality, and meditation.  Our industry members provide uplifting products or services for higher awareness or holistic or green living.

COVR understands what our industry members need to be successful. We support their success by providing business education, hands-on advice, member discounts, and targeted networking. COVR offers a portfolio of benefits that provide practical and actionable value to each member.

Each year COVR gives Visionary Awards to entries selected from among the best products in the Mind Body Spirit industry. Our Visionary Awards are the only awards of their kind in our industry. Our retailers and bookstore owners are passionate about new products, the next best seller, and the next undiscovered gem; our awards program brings new offerings to their attention.

If you carry self-help books, books about meditation, or other types of product that support and salute the human spirit, please consider joining COVR.  Information about our organization and a link to become a member is located at Our lowest level of membership is free.

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