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About GCH

Give Comics Hope is an ambitious charitable initiative founded by Bill Schanes that calls on all members of our community to rally together to provide vital aid to comic book shops. Questions about the auction or this initiative? Email


How is the money going to be distributed to comic shops? And when?

  • Store owners will fill out a simple 5-minute application.
  • The application period and the amount an eligible comic store receives will depend on how much money is raised through the Heritage Auction and eBay Auction initiatives and donated to the Binc Foundation.

Is my store eligible? Comic stores must meet the following requirements to apply.

  • Has a physical storefront and address located in the US, US territories, or Canada.
  • In any 30-day period from April 1st to September 1st 2020, the business lost at least 50% of sales and/or net income as compared to the same period in 2019 due to the Covid-19 public health emergency.
  • Is a privately-owned company or DBA.
  • If awarded, the funds received will be used for business operating expenses.
  • Do not have access to any other immediate financial resources to draw from (excluding government relief funds) that are greater than the equivalent of 6 months’ worth of sales, such as a parent company, crowdfunding donations, or significant cash reserves?
  • Maintains an active Diamond Comic Distributors comic book shop account.
  • Operates a brick and mortar storefront.
  • Orders on average no less than 100 different (unique) comic books and graphic novels from Diamond for each month of 2019.
  • Derives a substantial portion of business income from the sale of comic books, manga, and/or graphic novels.

From the organizers: Comic book shops are the heart and roots of our vibrant comic book community. They are our clubhouse! Give Comics Hope is an ambitious charitable initiative that calls on all members of our community to rally together to provide vital aid to these small businesses. By uniting together and giving back, we can pay it forward to those who nurtured our love of comic books for ourselves and for future fans to come.

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