For Publishers and Corporate Donors

Loganberry Books in Cleveland, Ohio | Photo used with permission from Great Lakes Independent Booksellers Association

Giving Opportunities to Strengthen the Book and Comic Safety Net

Executive Director, Pam French with AdventureKEEN Publisher Richard Hunt
  • Make a monetary gift to Binc.
  • Partner with Humble Bundle and designate Binc as your charity of choice, producing revenue for both yourself and Binc.
  • Offer a company employee matching gift program.
  • Offer a company employee payroll deduction program.
  • Donate a percentage of sales for a new book release or a backlist title. (AdventureKEEN created Shop Local, Live Local for bookstores – giving 3% of sales to Binc and 3% back to the participating bookstores.)
  • Host a corporate event. Create your own unique event and donate proceeds to Binc. (Chronicle Books held an auction for their 50th Anniversary and matched the proceeds providing Binc with over $4,000.)
  • Create fun company giving opportunities. Host small events or promotions to raise awareness and funds for booksellers. (Sourcebooks created Love Your Bookstore Day and donated the proceeds from sales of all promotion items.)

“Independent bookstores have been instrumental to our success as a publisher since our founding in 1994. I remember the days when I would walk into stores like Powell’s and see our titles featured, and how grateful I was that people were paying attention.

This is an incredibly difficult time for many businesses, not least of which are independent bookstores. For this Humble Bundle I thought it was important to support our own; that’s why I decided that one of the main charity recipients should be Binc. I hope that this bit of charitable effort will work to sustain some independent bookstores in need.”

—Bill Pollock, Founder and President, No Starch Press

“I encourage publishers to partner with Humble Bundle and ‘Think Binc’ when selecting their charity of choice. What a powerful way to give
back to the booksellers who have given the bookselling community so much. For Binc to be selected as the charity of choice by Chronicle, Wiley, and Skyhorse has been an honor. The money raised through the sales of these bundles will help an astounding almost fifty booksellers and their families through truly difficult times. These funds will help relieve the financial pressure on booksellers and their families from events like stroke, a partner’s job loss, and cancer diagnosis. We are grateful that these publishers chose to help booksellers in their choice of charity.”

—Pam French, Executive Director, Binc Foundation

Secure a Sponsorship

  • Winter Institute – Dinner with Binc ($2,500–$5,000).
  • Professional development scholarship ($5,000–$10,000).
  • Binc Survey Sponsorship. Give $10 for each survey completed. Opportunity available for 2021 ($6,000).
  • Matching challenge during Binc’s annual fundraising campaign.
  • Campaign to donate a dollar amount for each new sustaining donor.

Opportunities to Advocate for Binc

  • Include Binc logo on signage at industry events, Winter Institute, Children’s Institute, and regional book association fall trade shows. “We proudly support Binc the booksellers’ safety net.”
  • Include stories of booksellers helped in your internal communications. (Ingram Content Group create a 12 Days of Giving campaign in 2018, sharing a story a day for twelve days of booksellers helped).
  • Encourage sales reps and authors to share information about Binc when visiting stores. (We can provide a tool kit.)

“Binc was able to help me pay off an ER bill that Indian Health Services denied payment for. Once it hit my credit report I decided to give it a chance and reach out. They were so incredibly helpful and prompt! I contacted them on a Friday, submitted my paperwork on Monday and by Wednesday the deed was done! I’m so thankful for the help they are able to provide booksellers and to the donors who make contributions.”

—A bookseller helped out of medical debt after suffering chest pains

Have questions about how your company can help? Get in touch with Binc’s development director, Kathy Bartson.

Mailed Donations

Checks can be made out to “Binc Foundation” and mailed to:
Book Industry Charitable Foundation
3135 South State Street, Suite 203
Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Tax ID#: 38-3279018

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