Resources For Booksellers and Comic Shop Employees

Assistance Starts with Awareness

Binc’s core program provides assistance to book and comic employees and owners demonstrating a financial need. The first step in helping booksellers is making sure that frontline booksellers, comic store employees, owners, managers, buyers, and all full- and part-time employees know that Binc is here for them in times of emergency. If you see a colleague in trouble, encourage them to apply.

More ways to support your safety net and help Binc spread awareness.

Round-Up to Help!

Many point-of-sale systems make it easy to round up and help! This is a great way to educate your staff and customers while raising funds for your financial safety net.

Set Up Payroll Deduction

Payroll deduction is a convenient way to contribute to Binc. With payroll deduction, employees easily and automatically support their safety net with every paycheck. Because the donations are spread throughout the year, these contributions provide ongoing, reliable funding. It is easy to set up a payroll deduction plan at your store:

Board Game Night

Host a special all-ages Binc edition of Board Game Night and ask for a suggested donation to join in the fun.

Trivia Night

Host a literary-themed trivia night to raise money for the booksellers’ safety net.

Emergency Preparedness

No one expects to be in a position where they need assistance. There are steps you can take at your store to be prepared for an emergency. Thanks to Eight Cousins for helping us put together this resource.

Host an Event

Bookstores and comic shops have hosted special VIP author events, instituted Binc Donation Days, and special author or creator signings and events. If you have an idea about raising money to support your safety net, get in touch with our Director of Development Kathy.

Lisa Brown and Binc Ambassador Ann Patchett at a VIP Reception benefitting Binc.

Download Binc Posters for Your Store to Spread Awareness

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