Financial Emergencies Needn’t Be Tragic

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Household finances are often a balancing act even in the best of times. When an unexpected event causes a loss of household income, a family can be knocked into a downward spiral that seems to have no end. At the Binc Foundation we hear of these circumstances on a regular basis. Here are the stories of several of the families we have helped this year.

One bookseller was trying to keep her children safe and secure while experiencing a painful separation from her spouse. The family fell behind with their bills and the utility company was scheduled to turn off the power just as the holidays were approaching. Luckily, her manager had heard about Binc while attending a regional IBA event and suggested that she apply for assistance. A quick phone call and payment from Binc kept the power on for this family.

Another bookseller had to manage through the unexpected death of the major breadwinner in her household. Added to the pain and stress of planning a funeral was the worry about how the bills would be paid. Binc was able to provide the funds to stabilize the family’s finances until they could get back on their feet.

Imagine you provide the sole support for your family of four and you are told you will need surgery that will keep you away from your job for 6 weeks. How will you pay your mortgage? Utilities? Keep food on the table? Again, Binc was able to provide short-term assistance to get this family through the surgery and rehabilitation period without the added stress of mounting bills.

The Binc Foundation can assist with a loss of household income

Whether it is caused by a death in the household, disability, divorce/separation, or the job loss of a partner or spouse the loss of household income can set a bookseller on the road to a financial crisis. If left unassisted a family’s standard of living can be severely reduced, their utilities can be shut-off or they can even lose their home. The Foundation’s mission is to help booksellers and their families get through these crises and come out stronger than before.

If you or a bookseller you know is facing an unforeseen personal financial hardship, please get in touch with Binc today!

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