Utility shut-off prevention

Utility assistance may be provided to a bookseller when a shut-off notice has been issued and the household may lose an essential utility (gas, heating oil, water, or electric service). Binc understands that quick action is needed to prevent a utility shut-off and strives to review bookseller requests quickly.


  • Financial assistance may only cover the amount needed to prevent shut-off
  • Eligibility and need will be based on the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) guidelines set by the U.S. government.

Event Documentation

  1. Official utility shut-off notice (not a past due notice)
  2. Most current utility bill statement
  3. Proof of good-faith payments to utility within past 90 days

Financial Documentation

  1. Recent pay stubs or income statements for all adults in the household
  2. Recent checking and savings statements for all adults in the household


After receiving the application, Binc will be in contact to discuss your current circumstances and to request additional documents as needed.