Loss of household income due to disruption of business

A sudden financial hardship due to the loss of regular household income can be caused when a bookstore is closed for more than three days and a bookseller is unable to work. Assistance may be available to help cover basic living expenses if there is sufficient evidence that the employee has lost 50% or more of their scheduled weekly income

Event Documentation

  1. Verification of store closing
  2. Confirmation of work schedule from employer
  3. Current lease or mortgage statement (if asking for help with rent or mortgage)
  4. Copies of essential household bills for Binc to consider for payment

Financial Documentation

  1. Recent pay stubs or income statements for all adults in the household
  2. Recent checking and savings statements for all adults in the household


After receiving the application, Binc will be in contact to discuss your current circumstances and to request additional documents as needed.