Funeral Expenses

The cost of a funeral and burial may cause an immediate financial emergency when a family does not have the funds or insurance to cover the expenses. Binc may provide funds to pay the basic funeral and burial expenses of an immediate family member*. Beliefs and traditions regarding funerals and burials vary widely; Binc is sensitive to these while also balancing overall assistance.

Considered expenses include:

  • Transportation of the deceased from the death site to the funeral service site
  • Embalming or burial preparation of the deceased
  • A basic casket or urn
  • Basic services of the funeral home, staff, and/or clergy
  • Burial – basic expenses

Event Documentation

  1. Death certificate of deceased family member
  2. Estimate for funeral and burial expenses

Financial Documentation

  1. Recent pay stubs or income statements for all adults in the household
  2. Recent checking and savings statements for all adults in the household



After receiving the application, Binc will be in contact to discuss your current circumstances and to request additional documents as needed

*Immediate family member is defined as spouse, domestic partner, child, stepchild, mother, father or the bookseller themselves.