Financial Assistance

The Book Industry Charitable (Binc) Foundation financial assistance program helps booksellers with specific unforeseen emergency financial needs. The Foundation assesses each request to determine a course of action to provide relief to the bookseller. All grants are paid to third-party vendors and not directly to the bookseller.

Many times, financial help is only a part of the solution. The bookseller may also need additional help from financial counselors or local social service resources to reach a long-term solution to their problem. There are also times when assistance by Binc is not appropriate and in these cases Binc provides additional or alternate local resources for the bookseller.

The Binc Foundation strives to be fair, consistent, objective and professional when reviewing requests and making decisions. The bookstore employee is asked to complete a financial assistance application and provide documentation related to their situation, including proof of their current monthly income, expenses, and the specific qualifying event. This information is used to verify the financial emergency, and details are kept confidential.

A bookseller is eligible to apply if they:

  • are a regular full-time or part-time bookseller at a bricks-and-mortar bookstore in the United States, Puerto Rico, The U.S. Virgin Islands or Guam
  • are currently employed and have been so for a minimum of 90 days
  • was an employee of a bookstore closed which within the past 12 months (employee must have minimum of 12 months tenure)
  • were employed by Borders Group in the year 2011
  • are the immediate family member of a deceased bookseller
  • are experiencing a valid unforeseen financial hardship resulting from a specific, qualifying life-event


Qualifying Life-Events

Assistance grants can be provided to help with:

When booksellers and bookstores experience disasters from home fires to hurricanes.

When a bookseller needs a safe environment.

When a family does not have the funds or insurance to cover burial costs.

When a bookseller is facing imminent eviction or foreclosure.

Loss of household income due to:

When emergency care prevents a bookseller from working.

When there is a death of an immediate family member living in the household.

When a medical care provider requires a bookseller or other family wage earner to be off work.

When an unexpected store closing prevents a bookseller from working.

When divorce or legal separation causes a significant loss in the family’s income.

When a spouse or partner involuntary loses their job.

When serious medical expenses create short-term financial emergencies.

When the heat, lights, or water are being shut off.

  • Other

When you have any other type of unforeseen financial hardship, please contact Binc.

Call 866-733-9064 or email

We will answer your questions and guide you through the assistance process.