How Far We’ve Come

Four Seasons BooksWhile visiting family in West Virginia over the Thanksgiving holiday, we made our way to Shepherdstown, a small college town, and discovered Four Seasons Books. Of course we had to go into the bookshop and explore.  As we were checking out I handed the clerk my business card and was about to explain about Binc, but didn’t get a single word out. The clerk saw the logo and jumped in with “I love what you do!”  And then she went on to tell me all about our scholarship and emergency assistance programs.  This was one of the best Thanksgiving moments I’ve ever had.

It wasn’t until the next morning that I fully realized that three years ago a bookshop in a small West Virginia town would not have known anything about Binc. But this year, the manager was excited to tell me about Binc and what we do to help booksellers.

We have achieved a lot over the past three years. Not just in creating awareness but also in expanding our program offerings to help with the needs of booksellers. This year, we approved on average one grant request each week for help with emergencies ranging from serious medical expenses to homelessness prevention.  This is up almost 53% from last year! Our hard work in creating awareness is starting to pay off and our achievements are certainly thanks to your support.

Post by Pam French, Executive Director, Binc Foundation

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