Extending Binc Assistance with Resources

At Binc we are always pleased to be able to pay overdue bills for booksellers. We know from experience that these payments give great relief to the household. Over the past twenty-two years of paying bills for booksellers, we have come to realize that this is only part of the solution, however. More often than not, additional help is needed. This help can take the form of partnering with another organization to add additional financial support, helping to negotiate existing bills, or providing financial education for the future. Whatever the need, Binc strives to provide additional guidance to each bookseller who reaches out to us for assistance, with the ultimate goal of preventing another financial hardship.

Calling on years of experience, Binc has compiled a useful Resource Guide to help anyone struggling with a wide variety of unexpected events. Whether you are experiencing serious medical expenses or are struggling to pay mounting utility bills, there are organizations out there ready to help beyond Binc. One important service that we provide, is helping to match booksellers with national and local assistance to supplement any help the Foundation provides.

Large national organizations like the Red CrossUnited Way and Community Action Partnerships are often the best places to begin a search for additional assistance. They are depositories for a wide variety of assistance resources specific to geographic location. We frequently refer to an amazing site called Need Help Paying Bills that lists resources by state, county, and city. These sites will provide a variety of resources from rent and utility assistance to food pantries and local thrift stores.

Medical expenses can be overwhelming and affording needed care is often difficult on a bookseller’s salary. One great Binc partner is NeedyMeds. They can help lower prescription costs or help you locate a no-cost or low-cost clinic. You can search their site by diagnosis or by prescription. NeedyMeds even has a funding platform for major medical expenses called HEALfundr.

If you are looking for help negotiating existing medical bills, we have compiled some tips in this flyer Medical Bill Negotiation How-To. Whether before your scheduled medical care or following emergency surgery, Binc strives to help booksellers maneuver the frustrating and confusing maze of health care billing.

Binc’s Resource Guide also has links to organizations geared to improving your financial well-being. There are some great websites with very useful and easy to follow steps to help booksellers save and work toward a healthy financial future. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is the government website with a wealth of information to help manage bills and credit. NerdWallet can help you make informed decisions about credit cards, bank accounts, loans and more. Check out their thorough comparisons before making financial choices. Sign up for the newsletter at The Simple Dollar and money saving tips and timely and useful articles will come right to your inbox.

We are always looking for more resources to share with booksellers, so if you have a favorite, please feel free to pass it along!

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