Binc Donors Unlock Second Match for Year End Campaign #MoreThanEver

The Book Industry Charitable (Binc) Foundation has met their original $8,000 fundraising match goal, unlocking an additional $5,000 in potential matching funds for its year end campaign.

The Binc Board of Directors, along with a generous founder, offered $8,000 in matching funds as part of the campaign #MoreThanEver which started on Nov. 28. Binc supporters have generously helped achieve the original match, which means Binc will take up one donor’s offer to extend it by an additional $5,000, according to Binc Executive Director Pamela French.

“We were so pleased when a donor took our original #MoreThanEver message to heart and offered to help us increase the match for our year-end campaign,” French said. “Their generosity is going to allow us to help booksellers even more than ever.”

Binc supporters have helped an unprecedented number of booksellers in 2017. The number of booksellers assisted has surpassed the total number helped in 2016 and 2015 combined – with an influx of more than two dozen booksellers requiring disaster relief following hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria. The Foundation also helped booksellers following the wildfires in Northern California and currently is in the process of reaching out to help booksellers in need of assistance after the series of wildfires in the southern part of the state.

The increased need has strained Binc’s budget – $15,000 was originally allotted to help with disaster relief. No bookseller seeking assistance after the disasters was turned away and, as a result, the Foundation has distributed more than five times the budgeted amount. All of this is coupled with a growing awareness of how Binc can help booksellers through emergencies arising from medical expenses, loss of household income and more. Binc has set a year end campaign goal of $20,000 to shrink the gap between the assistance provided this year and the original budgeted amount.

“Every day I talk to booksellers reaching out for help in a moment of need,” said Program Director Kit Steinaway. “This year, I’ve talked to twice as many. It’s impossible to convey the gratitude and hope that radiates from a bookseller when they learn help is on the way. The ability to match an additional $5,000 in donations during our year end campaign means our donors will be able to help booksellers that much more.”

Anyone interested in supporting Binc during their year-end campaign should make a gift here.

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